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Custom Chess Table - Product Image
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Custom Chess Table

Custom Knight Chess Table. Price includes shipping to TX and cup holder gimbals
Price:   $4,300.00 

Custom 5' Heron Carving - Product Image

Custom 5' Heron Carving

5' Heron carving like one pictured shipped to Canada
Price:   $950.00 

4' Eagle Pearched on an American Flag - Product Image

4' Eagle Pearched on an American Flag

This perched Eagle is standing on top of an American Flag standing 4' in total.
Price:   $950.00 


Custom 3' Walking Sasquatch for Christmas Delivery

3' Walking Sasquatch made from Western Red Cedar
Price:   $575.00 

Custom 4' Eagle Carving - Product Image

Custom 4' Eagle Carving

4' carving of a perched eagle with "The Staley's" below the eagle.
Price:   $700.00 


Custom 4' Totem

4' Totem done with extra detail. A native style raven with wings and a realistic bear holding a trout., price includes shipping.
Price:   $1,500.00 


Custom 1 day Onsite Carving

One day carving plus gas cost to Spokane Valley. To be done by Christmas.
Price:   $1,050.00 

Eagle - Product Image


This perched Eagle is about 3 feet tall.
Price:   $550.00 

Deposit for Onsite Carving - Product Image
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Deposit for Onsite Carving

Deposit for carving into existing stump.
Price:   $2,205.00 


Custom Eagle Carving

Eagle carving about 18 - 19 inches tall with over grown beak and Talons. Eagle with wings out to its sides and facing forward. Painted with blood marks on beak and smeared on body and talons
Price:   $950.00