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Custom 1 day Onsite Carving Restoration with Shannon

Onsite carving restoration booking with Shannon
Price: $350.00 


Custom 8' Bigfoot Carving - Local Pickup

8' carving of a bigfoot for Local Pickup
Price: $3,900.00 


Custom 5' Totem Local Pickup

5' Totem with 4 figures, bear on the bottom then an owl, with a small frog above and ending with a horned toad on top done in the traditional native style.
Price: $2,600.00 


Custom 5' Totem

5' Totem with wolf, buffalo, Dove, Octopus, and dragonfly
Price: $2,100.00 


Custom 9' Totem

9' Totem with 6 figures: a giraffe, weasel, wolf, scorpion, lynx, and an otter on the bottom.
Price: $5,400.00 

Custom Chess Table - Product Image
Click for larger image

Custom Chess Table

Custom Knight Chess Table. Price includes shipping to TX and cup holder gimbals
Price: $4,300.00 


Custom 7' Totem

7' Totem with Smokey bear, Salmon, Deer, Eagle, The letter M
Price: $3,500.00 

Custom 5' Heron Carving - Product Image

Custom 5' Heron Carving

5' Heron carving like one pictured shipped to Canada
Price: $950.00 


Custom 4' Bigfoot Carving

4' carving of a bigfoot.
Price: $650.00 

4' Eagle Pearched on an American Flag - Product Image

4' Eagle Pearched on an American Flag

This perched Eagle is standing on top of an American Flag standing 4' in total.
Price: $950.00