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Custom 3' Bucky Badger Carving - Product Image

Custom 3' Bucky Badger Carving

3' Bucky Badger
Price: $1,200.00 


Payment 1 of 3 for Custom 17' Totem

Deposit for 17' totem pole done realistic style, informal (without the figures stacked on top of one another), with a 3/4 wrap and the back left natural, 2 coyotes on the bottom, a deer, an eagle on the top with its wings spread by way of an add on board on the back of the eagle, with all of the figures placed into a 'rock' surface. I would not use any paint, only some staining and burning and finish it with several coats of clear marine spar varnish. 2nd payment due upon the start of carving and 3rd payment is due at delivery.
Price: $6,330.00 


Custom 8' Totem Pole Mascot

8' totem with a spread winged falcon on top and 2017 down the totem vertically
Price: $2,500.00 


Custom 10' Family Totem

Custom 10' Family Totem with Elephant, Fox, Lion, Monkey, Bunny, Unicorn and Ram. Shipping to NJ with delivery by Father's Day.
Price: $10,650.00 

Custom Bucky Badger Carving - Product Image

Custom Bucky Badger Carving

5' Bucky Badger
Price: $2,500.00 

Custom 11' Totem - Product Image

Custom 11' Totem

Custom 11 foot totem shipped to business location in Calgary.
Price: $9,500.00 

Custom 4' Eagle (unpainted) Pearched on an American Flag (painted) - Product Image

Custom 4' Eagle (unpainted) Pearched on an American Flag (painted)

An unpainted perched Eagle is standing on top of a painted American Flag standing 4' in total.
Price: $950.00