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Custom 7' WinShape Totem

7' totem in the Winshape style, with a spread wing eagle on top, followed by a bear, then a wolf head, buffalo head, a beaver side silhouette (either an upper bust, or perhaps the whole beaver), an entire turtle (viewed from above), and at the bottom Sabe's footprint with his silhouette. Price includes shipping cost.
Price: $3,850.00 


Custom 7' Grateful Dead Totem

7' totem, the top caricature of Jerry, followed by his 'Tiger' guitar with musical notes along both sides of the totem, below the guitar will be the painted skull and lightning bolt, and at the bottom a dancing bear. Includes shipping.
Price: $3,500.00 


Custom 16' Totem Payment 3 of 3

Custom 16' Totem Thunderbird and Wolf with animal tracks. Payment 1 of 3
Price: $7,000.00