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Totem - Product Image


7' Totem with halk, fox, mouse and elk.
Price: $3,300.00 

8 feet Western Stylized Totem Pole - Product Image

8 feet Western Stylized Totem Pole

Totem with pheasant perched on top, beaver with log, climbing deer and mother quail with baby in tow. This totem not only goes bottom to top but around 3/4 of the log.
Price: $4,000.00 

Hawk Western Pole - Product Image

Hawk Western Pole

Hawk, Raccoon, Rabbit Western Stylized Totem Pole.
Price: $2,800.00 

16' Totem - Product Image

16' Totem

Custom order 16' Totem Pole. Please send email with what animals you want on your totem. Delivery charges will be determined and you will be notified of the cost.
Price: $20,000.00 

WinShape Totem Pole  - Product Image

WinShape Totem Pole

7' totem with eagle, white feather w/ black tip, bear, deer, bass, trees.
Price: $3,500.00 

Brave Totem - Product Image

Brave Totem

7' Totem with eagle, brave and buffulo.
Price: $3,200.00 

Mask Totem Pole - Product Image

Mask Totem Pole

7' Totem with 5 masks from around the world.
Price: $3,500.00 

7' Irish Totem - Product Image

7' Irish Totem

7' Totem with a leprechaun on top standing on a Guinness beer and a pot of gold on the bottom with shamrocks in several places and your last name down the side of the pole.
Price: $3,500.00 

Pet Totem - Product Image

Pet Totem

7' Pet Totem Pole with 3 pet heads and 1 pet on top. Price includes free shipping offer to business location or dock pick up.
Price: $3,700.00 

7 feet Hawk, Horse, Owl and Wolf Totem - Product Image

7 feet Hawk, Horse, Owl and Wolf Totem

7' totem with hawk with wings out stretched, side view of a horse head, owl and howling wolf.
Price: $3,500.00