Chain saw wood carvings of benches.

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The wood used for the bench carvings is Western Red Cedar which is an excellent wood not only for its rich color but also for both its weather and insect resistant qualities. The presence of a relief line down the back of the carving is made to allow the wood to expand and contract in this area.  A spar varnish is also applied to the finished pieces to further protect them from the elements.


Click on a pictures to see greater detail and more pictures of selected carving.

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Grizzly Bear and Cabin Bench

Bear with Fish Waterfall and Gliding Hawk with Fish Bench



Grizzly Bear and Cabin Bench

Elk , Trees, and Cedar slab Bench



Grizzly Bears and Cabin with Trees Bench

Bench has 2 bears on one side and a log home deep in the woods on the other.  Click on picture to see true detail of this piece!



Bears Holding Bench

This bench has 4 bears, 2 bears hold the seat of the bench. the other 2 are snug in stumps on both sides of the bench.



Waterfall, eagle, bear bench

On one side a waterfall with fish returning home.  The other side: a bear holding diner, another bear in a hole peeking out to say hi, one more reaching for a fish, and on top an eagle perched waiting for that perfect fish.



Waterfall Fountian Grizzly Bear and Fish Bench Carving

On one side a waterfall with bear fishing.  The other side: a bear holding enjoying his catch.  The back of the bench is relief carving of a mountain lake scene.



Chainsaw Carving Eagle Bench

Eagle Head Bench.



Timeout Bench

Time Out Bench works great with young toddlers and preschoolers!

Bear  measures about 2 feet and length is about 4 feet long.  (length can be adjusted to suit your needs)


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