Chain saw wood carvings of moose

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The wood used for the Moose carvings is Western Red Cedar which is an excellent wood not only for its rich color but also for both its weather and insect resistant qualities. The presence of a relief line down the back of the carving is made to allow the wood to expand and contract in this area.  A spar varnish is also applied to the finished pieces to further protect them from the elements.


Shipping for carvings is determined in the shopping cart after you enter your shipping information.
An example of shipping: 3' Sign Bear BW475 to Los Angeles zip code 91608 is only $52.73 and to NY zip code 13417 is only $86.37.

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3' Sign Moose

3' Moose Sign

Comes with one sign of choice.  Additional Signs are $25 each.

Merry X-mas
Happy Birthday
Wipe Yer Paws!
Gone Fishing!
Your family name


M525 Moose Carving 3' Moose $525.00

MZ375 Moose Carving 3' Moose standing on sign $375.00

MC350 Moose Campfire Carving

Moose Campfire Set

Moose are 12"


MZS250 Moose Lamp Wood Carving Sitting Moose has some attitude!

About 16" over all


MH3200 Elk Head Mount

Moose Head Wall Mount

Moose head comes with real moose antlers.  



Pierced Moose Relief Carving

Moose Relief Carving


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