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The wood used for carvings is Western Red Cedar which is an excellent wood not only for its rich color but also for both its weather and insect resistant qualities. The presence of a relief line down the back of the carving is made to allow the wood to expand and contract in this area.  A spar varnish is also applied to the finished pieces to further protect them from the elements.

Shipping for carvings is determined in the shopping cart after you enter your shipping information.
An example of shipping: 3' Sign Bear BW475 to Los Angeles zip code 91608 is only $52.73 and to NY zip code 13417 is only $86.37.

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Chainsaw Carving of an Indian Warrior


This Impressive Native American Indian Warrior stands 8' 

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Chainsaw Carving of an Indian Warrior


This Proud Native American Indian holds a Peace Pipe and is adorned with a head piece, typical of the Lenape people.  Stands 8' Tall

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Chainsaw Carving of female

"The Inner Soul"  by Italian Artist Fabian Bruske


Stands about

6-1/2 '

In Stock --Available for Immediate Shipping!

One of a kind (this piece will not be duplicated)

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Chainsaw Carving of a Working Cowboy

This working Cowboy stands tall at 8 feet.  





Soldier memorial carving

Soldier Memorial

Life size, about 4' tall



Soldier memorial carving


Vietnam Soldier Memorial

Life size, about 4' tall




Rustic Cowboy Chainsaw Carving

Rustic Cowboy is as big as life.  Outstanding detail.  





Wood Carving Cowboy Bench


Here are 2 Rustic Cowboys on a extra large bench.  

(bench not included)



$4800.00 each

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