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We are sadden to say that the 'Big One' International Chainsaw Carving Championship held in Westport Washington is no longer to be conducted.  It was the biggest competition in the world for chainsaw carving.   People from all over the world come to competed and there was lots of excitement.  Above Jack gladly accepted his award for placing 1st in one of the quick carve competitions in 2000.


Westport 2003


Westport 2001



Westport 2000



Westport 1999


Here Jack stands next to his carving that placed him 3rd in his division at The Westport International Chainsaw Carving Championship in '99.  That year Jack choose to carve the "Column of Life", which depicts ocean life from an eagle taking a fish out of a school of fish to the sea floor with a moray eel, octopus, starfish, clam shell, and bullwhip kelp floating to the surface. 


Below on the left is the log used, and on the right after 25 hours spread over 4 days is the finished piece.

Westport Log

Westport Carving

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